Lifestylist® Advisory: BEE - Fast and Fresh

Oak Cliff, Texas is a great place to be right now if you are a foodie. We've had some amazing restaurants open in our area recently - everything from BBQ to fine dining. My favorite of them all right now though is BEE - Best Enchiladas Ever.
Restaurateur Monica Greene - well known for her legendary Monica's aca y alla and Ciudad restaurants has decided to combine fast with fresh. At BEE you get to write down which main choices you want, then after it's assembled you tell the chefs what vegetables and extras you want on them. You can then "BEE Gone" with your creations, or enjoy them in the bright, sunny dining area or on the patio - this Lifestylist's favorite. favorite. The patio is pet friendly as well so it's a really fun place just to hang out. Check out our Lifestylist Designed Media video to get an idea of why we love to BEE there.
I rarely eat meat, but when I was LifeStyling a photo shoot at BEE recently I got to sample the brisket, and I am hooked! It was lean and moist, and the perfect compliment to my favorite sauce - the Chipotle Crema. You get your choice of one or two enchiladas, so now I just get one cheese and one brisket!
BEE was chosen by a lot of national publications during the Super Bowl this year as the place to be seen - stop by and see for yourself why .
They are located at: 202 W. Davis Street, Dallas, TX 75208 and they are open 11am - 10pm 7 days a week. Tell them The Lifestylist® sent you!

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